Next-level sales optimization

Tell customers about your live sales and how to get a better offer, and see which sale performs best.

Replace promotions guesswork with evidence-based optimization

Sales Motivator

Notify customers of the current sales
& how they can get a bigger discount

Sales Split Testing

Run multiple sales at once
and see which one performs best

Motivus boost your sales in 3 ways

motivator widget motivus app

Motivator widget

The widget shows up based on what's in the shopping cart to prompt customers to buy, more.

claim discount button checkout

Promotion page

As you install the app, a new page is created to display your promotions.

claim discount button checkout

Claim offer at checkout

A button to redeem the deal will be displayed at checkout, to make sure customers get it.

Create promotions easily using natural language forms

motivus natural language form

Motivus' promises

Kill abandoned carts

Empower customers to claim the promotion
with a Redeem button displayed in the checkout page.

Prompt customers to spend more

Notify customers in real-time of the current claimable deal
& the next reachable one.

Increase your ads ROI

Replacing promotions guesswork with evidence-based optimization, so the next time you invest a lot of money in a huge ad campaign for your weekend sale, it’s worth it.

Stop sales gambling

Run multiple sales at once and see which one performs best. Then keep the good ones and optimize them. Please stop gambling with your sales promotions.

Key Features

Easy setup

Create promotions in a minute, using natural language forms.

Multiple types of promotions

BOGO, Buy one get something, tiered pricing, quantity discount, weight discount.

Promotion page

Motivus automatically builds a promotion page to display all your offers.

Mobile friendly

The motivator widget and the promotion page are optimized for mobile devices.

Language friendly

All customer-side texts translatable in the app settings.

Theme friendly

Your theme default colors are used by default. You can also use our colors picker.

Smart notifications

Displayed to let customers know they can claim the deal or reach a bigger one.

Audience creator (Soon)

Audience creator empowered with rules to reach specific customers based on the device used, customer history or traffic source.

Traffic allocation ( Soon)

Traffic allocation for split testing one or more sales on different audiences.

Start split testing & optimizing your sales

Have you ever wished to know exactly which sale your customers want today? Motivus allows Shopify merchants like you to split testing one or more promotions at the same time! Run A/B experiments to find the perfect promotion for each targeted audience. No need to have the budget of a Fortune 500 company to experiment at scale, anymore.

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