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Multiple free gifts per order in Shopify

Requires the Automatic Discount app for Shopify

Our Automatic Discount app used to allow only one free gift product per order. We've pimped it! You can now allow customers to pick one or more gifts within a selection of products.

👉 Try it in the Automatic Discount app for Shopify

How can you use it? Here are some use real cases that might inspire you

  • -I am trying to create a promo that when a customer spends $200 or more they can choose from a designated selection of tshirts for free. I need to be able to allow the customer to select between multiple products and variants as their free product.

  • -We allow free gifts/samples to be chosen before the customer checks out. We usually have 2-3 samples that they can choose from

  • -create a rule that if someone buys X, it gets Y AND Z for free

  • -If you buy more than 35 euros on my website you can get 1 products at 9,90 euros for free (and let the customer choose between different products at 9,90 euros)

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