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New Advanced Discount Rules for Shopify stores

Smarter discounts?

Discount rules just got smarter. Introducing a new feature in Automatic Discount which will allow you to combine multiple rules for a single discount code.

What's new?

- Ability to combine rules for a single discount code

- Ability to use customer related restrictions (past orders, tags and more)

- Ability to use =, >, < and ≠ in your discount rules

- Ability to schedule promotions

Get started

### Install the [Automatic Discount](https://apps.shopify.com/automatic-discount-rules) app.

Check the Tour to understand better what the feature does

When you're ready, upgrade premium ($9.98/mo) and pay the one-time fee to unlock the Advanced Rules feature ($49.99 one-time).

How it works

1. Create a discount rules group and assign a coupon code to it.

advanced discount rules shopify

2. Create one or more discount rules.

Historically, the Automatic Discount app allowed you to create one discount rule per order. We then improved it to let you attach an additional restriction to trigger the discount based on Vendor, Product type and Variant name. Today, we introduce a way to create multiple rules per discount, in addition to the default options of the discount itself. Here are a few types of rules you will be able to make. Apply a discount code if cart contains:

- at least 2 products that cost more than $30 together

- at most 1 product that costs less than $10

- any number of products that cost more than $30, but their total weight is lower than 1kg

- any number of products and customer is logged in

- at least 3 products and customer is tagged with VIP

- etc.

advanced discount rules shopify

3. Save and Publish

advanced discount rules shopify

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