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How to upsell products with all its variants on Shopify?

👉 Install the Ultimate Upsell and try it free Simply tick the box next to the product(s) that you add in the upsell Note: If you select the upsell type "Bundle with discount", the new...

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Upsell Bundles with products with their own SKUs and give an automatic discount when added to cart

Vapor Monster is doing a promo to prompt users to buy the Bundle instead of one individual product. Here's what this business want to achieve: 1. Create a bundle where items keep their own SKU...

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Automatic discount specific to a product variant on Shopify

Let's say you have 2 variants for each of your product. Basic = $6 each Premium = $10 each Let's say you want to give a discount only on the Basic variant Overall, you can see that...

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Upsell subscription-based products with Recharge and Ultimate Upsell

Official integration with Recharge Ultimate Upsell now integrates with Recharge to allow subscription-based upsells. 1. Make sure you have a subscription-based product in Recharge You will need to enter the Recharge app located at [yourstore....

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Upsell bundles that work with Oberlo

Introducing new bundles that work with Oberlo & all other 3rd party fulfilling/inventory/shipping systems 👉 You need to install the Ultimate Upsell app first. One of the main pain of upselling bundles is when...

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Sell products inside any page or blog post on Shopify

You can now upsell individual products or product bundles in any page or blog posts of your Shopify store using the Ultimate Upsell app. STEP 1 Once you install the Ultimate Upsell app, create a...

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Example of funnel and cart rules upsells

Upsell the Cleanse One® Supplement on the Clutch Cleanse® E-Book Only page. Path 1: If the main product (Clutch Cleanse® E-Book Only) is added to cart Display the Cleanse One® Supplement upsell again on the...

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How to create 3 different automatic discounts on 3 different collections

Let's say I want to give discounts on products from 3 collections (and 3 product types - the product type will serve here as the restriction to TRIGGER the application of the automatic discount). Let's...

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How to combine multiple discount rules automatically in Shopify

*Hi, Currently, on shopify we have the ‘discount codes’ section - which only allows us to put in X1 rule. For example: - 50% off orders over $200. I cannot create items to apply this...

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How to give a product for free if Product A is in the cart and if the amount spent is over $20.

👉Install the Automatic Discount app free. 1. Create a discount in /admin/discounts_next/new of the amount of $ of the free giveaway. You could use 100% discount, but I prefer a $ discount. Let's say...

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How to make a promotion that gives a 25% discount if a specific product is bought

Steven is asking: How to make a promotion that offers the customer 25% of "The Curve" hat when a Long Sleeve Jersey is purchased. 1. Create a product specific discount of 25% on "The Curve"...

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Track your top discounts daily on Shopify

Which promotions perform best? Measure the success of your discounts. Increase sales by focusing on the best promotions. Try this feature and a lot more now with Automatic Discount. 👉Try the Automatic Discount app free....

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