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How to add tabs in product pages with Shopify

With Konversion, you can create tabs inside the product pages of your Shopify store. These tabs can be global (for all products), specific to a collection or specific to a product. 1. Create a page...

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How to hide variant dropdown when only one product option

You can hide the variant dropdown on the product page when there is only 1 option (1 variant) with the Konversion theme. Go to Customize Theme > Product Pages (section) > Scroll to Hide variants with only...

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Discount on every subsequent unit of product A added to cart

Requires Automatic Discount for Shopify Question I was wondering if you could give us a hand with getting a discount setup. I have this product on sale for $19.99 and I want the customer...

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Autofill coupon field in cart with shareable discounts

👉 Install Carter - Coupon Field in Cart With Carter, you add a coupon field in cart in your Shopify store. Well now, Carter also autofills the shareable discount links....

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Carter's premade configs - List of Shopify themes

👉 Install Carter - Shopify app With Carter, you can display a coupon field in your cart, or anywhere you want, so your customers can apply a discount before reaching the checkout. The best part about...

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Import configurations for the Coupon Field in Cart - Carter app for Shopify

Requires the Carter app for Shopify. If your theme doesn't have any premade configurations ready yet, you can code your own. Or you can submit a ticket and we will help you. If we have...

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Prefilled carts with landing pages on Shopify

Nice example of what you can do with the prefilled cart links feature from the Automatic Discount app, for Shopify stores....

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Active Discount Display - Premium custom integration

Paid customization made with Automatic Discount The customization of the add-on feature called Active Discount Display allows this store to display the savings in the cart drawer and cart page. Cart drawer Cart page Try...

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Change Add to Cart button text in Ultimate Upsell app for Shopify

Is it possible with your app, to change the "Add to Cart" button to "Go to product page" button? I need this, because our products need to be personalized before added to cart. Yes, that's...

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Automatic Discount on the First order in Shopify

Install Automatic Discount 1.Enable the Advanced Discount Rules. You need to be on the premium version of the app to activate this paid add-on. 2.Create a rule based on the order history: Number...

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Discount the entire order ONLY IF you have product A in the cart

We want to do 20% off the entire order ONLY IF you have a certain product in the shopping cart. Is there any way to do that? 1.Go to Discounts, inside the Shopify admin....

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How to properly uninstall the Motivus app

Motivus allows Shopify merchants like you to split testing one or more promotions on one or more audiences, at the same time! Run A/B experiments to find the perfect promotion for each targeted audience....

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How to display upsold products in 2 or 3 columns

Question I want to display upsell product in cart page. The products are displayed the one under the other. I want to display them in line (3 products), exactly 3 products. Please help me to...

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