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Automatic BOGO on Shopify

Buy One and Get another one free, automatically added to your shopping cart. It can be collection or product specific....

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Free gift + discount on Shopify

Gift & Discount code on Shopify How to give a gift and a discount in the same order In our Automatic Discount app, there is an option to automatically add the gift to cart. If...

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Discount by Country for Shopify

Requires Automatic Discount for Shopify You can now automatically give discounts based on your customers' location. No customer-tag nor login required. The app will detect the store visitor country and trigger the application of the...

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Upsell after customers click on the Checkout button

Requires Ultimate Upsell for Shopify 1. Create an upsell 2.[For Cart page] Select the "Cart page" upsell location and then "On Checkout click". The upsell should automatically be displayed when...

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New gift layout: slider

You can now pick a template (list or slider) for your gift popup. When you create a gift rule, select the template you prefer. Or in the Global Settings section. Try Automatic Discount for Shopify...

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