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Main Screens and Steps to Get Started with the Milestones App

Screen 1 (after install): This is the welcome screen, you can click on any milestone example and create one just so you can see the next screen. Screen 2 (after first milestone was created) This...

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How to properly uninstall the Milestones app

After you uninstall the app, make sure you do these 4 steps: 1) Edit theme.liquid search and remove the line: {% include "tabarnapp_cm" %} It should be right before < /head > 2) After step 1...

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Abandoned cart link on Shopify with discount attached to it

Question Hi guys, how are you? i have a doubt, we use your app and another called push owl notification, this app sends push notification to visitors who abandoned carts, that app lets me include...

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Put the biggest discount at the top and the smallest at the bottom

Question I want to apply discounts in this scheme like: a. if 3 or more product in cart then 10% discount. b. if 5 or more product in cart then 15% discount. c. if 10...

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How can I make a discount apply to every $300 spent

Question Discount applies to every $300 spent. For example: $290 spent: No discount $310 spent: $100 discount $600 spent: $200 discount $900 spent: $300 discount Answer First, make sure you create 3 discount codes (one...

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How to discount a specific product with a limit of quantity of that product

I am trying to generate a discount whereby the customer gets 50% off a specific product with a limit of quantity 2 of that product. So far, I've got it working for qty of 1...

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New Advanced Discount Rules for Shopify stores

Smarter discounts? Discount rules just got smarter. Introducing a new feature in Automatic Discount which will allow you to combine multiple rules for a single discount code. What's new? - Ability to combine rules for...

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Upsell after payment if order is less than $X

Is it possible to set it up with price rules? For example, all orders under $120 will be shown this product on an upsell. The upsell will be after they pay....

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How to Create a discount where 2 eligible products have to be in the cart to get a discount on the 3rd item

Question A merchant would like to create a discount where TWO eligible products have to be in the cart to create the discount for the 3rd item. Right now I am finding that the discount...

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Some Q/A for the Thank You page upsell | Ultimate Upsell - Shopify app

Does your app support post-checkout upsells? YES. Example: If so, does your app also support post-checkout downsells? You can create a Funnel on the thank you page location based on IF...

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Display a deal widget anywhere in your Shopify store

🎁 Install the Milestones app You can now insert the deal widget from the Milestones app anywhere in your store: -Top bar -Menu item -Product page -Cart page First make sure you publish your milestone(s)...

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Three popups for Shopify stores - newsletter, product and checkout

Some say they are intrusive, some say they are ugly and not mobile friendly, but the truth is: popups work! Discover 3 popups available in the Konversion theme 🎁 Newsletter popup Display a newsletter sign up...

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