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Edit Carter coupon field's labels

Requires Carter for Shopify It's now possible to edit the text and labels of the discount field. Go to Edit an existing config and select "Custom" in the Language dropdown. If you're using the Have...

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Have a discount code? link under the checkout button in cart

Requires Carter for Shopify Automatic placement By default, on app install, the Have a discount code? link is placed under the Checkout button in the cart page and/or ajax cart (drawer). You can go...

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Speed results: what to test and how to understand the results

Understanding your store loading speed Overall, your store page loading speed is the result of the following equation: Page weight  x  Number of HTTP requests =  Time to load Our theme's goal is...

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Naked theme versus all features enabled theme

Our theme is filled with useful features that offer an alternative to some paid apps and/or some flexibility for different tastes of different merchants. Here are below some example of a naked theme versus...

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Understanding speed test tools grades and recommendations

I've purchased your theme for better speed but it doesn't seemed to do anything with it. Here's my site . How do i fix this? I see "F" grades on Performance insights of Pingdom. What do...

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Is it possible that your Shopify theme won't make my store faster?

YES. IT. IS. Because the theme quality is only 1 piece of the cake. Learn more about theme speed recommendations in our other article . See an example at the bottom of the current article. Locate...

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Konversion Theme now integrates with the Loox Photo Reviews app

Installing the Konversion theme and setting up the Loox Photo Reviews for the first time  When you install the Konversion theme, like any other theme, you need to reinstall some apps. We made your...

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Install Infinite Options in our Shopify Konversion Theme

First make sure that you have read the instructions for installing the application from its developers.  For the correct operation of the app “infinite options” in our theme, you need to insert a string...

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