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Coupon Field in Cart - Turbo theme for Shopify

Import configs in Carter app for Shopify You need to import configs following these instructions 1. Install the Carter app for Shopify 2. Click on the IMPORT button in the top bar 3. Paste the...

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% discount + free gift in Shopify

We often get requests like: I want to offer 30 percent off plus FREE item as a discount and I want the code to be automatic as well. Or How can we add a free...

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Automatic Discount on products in stock only

I would really like to be able to have a storewide sale (discount storewide) say its everything is 50% off, however all backorder items remain full price - so when the quantity is below 0...

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Automatic discount rules - Priorities and restrictions

Requires Automatic Discount - Advanced Rules I tried to configure few discounts tier and below is the requirement. · 10% on Collection # 1 · 15% on Collection # 2 I have set up 2 discount base on above...

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Make product properties (advanced product options) work with Milestones

The value packs category should get free shipping and when the store has your Milestone app (free shipping) enabled to claim free shipping, but the options from the Mageworks (advanced product optionsare wiped out of...

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Buy the main product and get a discount on all accessories

Our company sells Kayaks and Kayak accessories and we would like the ability to allow customers to buy a kayak and receive 15% off everything in our accessories collection. Weather they buy 1 accessory or...

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Automatic Discounts with many different vendors

Requires Automatic Discount We have a large number of vendors and want to use your app to automatically apply the discount to the order. For example vendor A has a 15% discount Vendor B has...

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Insert a coupon field in any page or product page in Shopify

Requires Carter for Shopify To display a coupon field in any page or product page in your Shopify store, go to your page or product page in Shopify admin and edit the main description. Add...

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