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Shopify Konversion Theme - Cart page upsell

1. Create a navigation menu called Cart upsell. The handle needs to be: cart-upsell 2. [Trigger product] Add a menu item and name it following this structure: "products/product-handle". This product will serve as the...

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Display the collection description in the collection pages

Go to Customize Theme > Browse to any Collection page > In the Section tab, click on Collection page How it works You can now display the collection description below the collection title, at the...

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Shopify Konversion Theme - How to enable infinite scroll in the collection pages

Go to Theme > Customize Theme > Collection Pages Then scroll in the Sections tab to "Enable infinite scroll" (Mobile & Desktop)....

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Shopify Konversion Theme - Collection page section

Go in Online Store > Theme > Customize theme. Browse on any collection page and click on the Sections tab. Then click Add section and select the section that you want to add.Banner imagesYou...

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Shopify konversion Theme - How to change the layout of product variants on mobile

1 variant per row by default (1 column) By default, variants/options are displayed one per row. But you can also display them 2 per row. This setting is located in Customize Theme > General...

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Shopify Konversion Theme - How to format text in the short description location inside the product page

Go to Customize Theme > Go to any product page > Section tab > Product page...

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Related products - How to manually select the related products in each product page of Konversion Theme

Where is the Related Products section? When you browse to Customize Theme > Go to any product page > Section tab > Product page, scroll down to the Related Products section. What products are displayed...

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Display Trust Badges in your Product Pages of your Shopify Store

With the Konversion theme , you can upload your own trust icons, and now you can also upload your own image for trust/security/conversion badge.  By default, we provide the trust badge image...

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