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Automatic Discounts that work with Store pickup & Local delivery - Zapiet + Secomapp + Automatic Discount

If you're using the Store Pickup + Delivery app by Zapiet or the Store Pickup & Delivery Date by Secomapp and you want to run automatic tiered discounts, you can do that with Automatic Discount. 1....

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Upsell customers right after add-to-cart click

👉 Requires Ultimate Upsell & Cross-Sell for Shopify Instead of showing the upsell on product page load, you can now show it right after customers click on Add-to-Cart. Where & How to set it up The...

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Swap one-time product in Shopify for a subscription item in Recharge

Requires Ultimate Upsell and Recharge for Shopify Question I would like to show them the same product that's currently in their order but at a special price on product subscription via ReCharge. If they select...

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Display discount and savings in a tooltip or a popup - Carter app

👉 Requires Carter - Discount in Cart for Shopify To change the Notification Style, which is the way discount & savings are displayed in Carter, go to the Settings tab, here: ### Style #1: Notification (tooltip) ![carter...

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How to override the tiered promo with a regular Shopify discount code

Question We’ve tried a few different tiered pricing apps for our store. The one problem we keep running into over and over is once the tiered price has been applied, I cannot override it...

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