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Prestige theme for Shopify with coupons in cart

👉 1. Install Carter in your Shopify store

2. Go to Single-click Setup and search for Prestige

Shopify theme Prestige coupons in cart

3. Click on Import configurations

4. Publish the configs

The Prestige theme has 3 single-click setups available:

  • ✔️ a widget showing [Have a discount code](/content/images/2019/09/have-a-discount-code.png" target="_blank) in Cart, under the Checkout button
  • ✔️ a coupon field for the cart page.
  • ✔️ a coupon field for the ajax cart (drawer).

Publish one or all of them, as you wish.

5. Test it live with Shopify's discount codes or Carter's [smart deals](/shopify-smart-deals/ target="_blank").

Make sure your theme is published live, because coupons won't work in unpublished theme's preview.

Shopify theme Prestige coupons in cart

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