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Promotion Page via Proxy - Motivus App for Shopify

What is a proxy?

An App Proxy is simply a page within a Shopify shop that loads its content from another location of your choosing. That being said, our Motivus app can tell a page in your shop that it should fetch and display data from another location outside of Shopify, which is from our app.

Shopify runs this proxy page content through Shopify’s template rendering engine before pushing it out to the user. This allows us to create dynamic native pages that look amazing, without having to do anything crazy with iframes.

Why a proxy?

We use a proxy to automatically create a new page in your store to display the promotions you create via the Motivus app. This page is actually optional in the use of the app. In other words, customers can buy products from Motivus promotions without visiting this page at all. We created it to make the user experience even greater, with a centralized page where all your promotions are displayed nicely.

Can I change the URL of the page?

We recommend you don't do that. The URL of your promotion page is yourstore.com/tools/motivus. If you know what you are doing and you have a good reason to change it, we made a setting for that in the Settings section of our app.

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