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Promotion rules embedded into a link

Create promotion rules within a link, accessible only for the customers using this link. Ideal for Instagram or Facebook ads, sharing a link to your store that unlocks a Spend more Save more (tiered discounts) promotion.

With a Shopify discount link, or with our app's discount link, anyone who access the store via the link gets the discount, no matter what's in their cart or who they are.
Adding Rules in a link, you can now define a layer on top of it, to only give the discount to the ones who deserve it, based on what's in their cart or who they are. A single link can unlock multiple promotion tiers as well.

Use cases

Can I make somehow rules that: have 1 product that we offer a free product and the other side we also want x% discount with code. Is it possible if someone via a specific link goes to the website, cannot see the free gift offers (because of the same product) only can add the discount code?


We have landing page which we have create in Shopify and if the customer clicks buy we want it to automatically apply a 10% discount on the cars , is this possible ? We don't want this discount to show any where else (only from the landing page.)

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