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Refersion + Automatic Discount | Referral link with shopping cart pre-filled with items and discount

Requires Automatic Discount and Refersion

The example below is made with Refersion app for Shopify. Take note that it would also work similarly with any other affiliate marketing app, since the logic behind affiliate tracking is similar is most affiliate apps.

1. Create an affiliate link in Refersion

create affiliate link Refersion

2. Create a link in Automatic Discount

3. Make sure to select Custom URL as landing page

landing page automatic discount link

4. Add the Refersion affiliate URL parameter at the end of the landing page URL.

Example: Refersion parameter here is /?rfsn=4293322.98d7bc

refersion with automatic discountfor shopify

5. Test the link to make sure it works

test affiliate marketing link

6. Once an order is made, you should see it appear in Refersion.

affiliate order refersion

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