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Shopify Konversion Theme - Deal of the day

Offer a daily deal

Go in Online Store > Theme > Customize theme > General Settings > Deal of the day


To display a product in the deal of the day widget, tag it with 'deal-yyyy-mm-dd'. This product will appear as the deal of the day on the date that you picked (eg. deal-2017-08-10 would display this product as the deal of the day on August 10, 2017). You can tag more products and add more than one tag to the same product. Note that if you have too much 1st level menu items, the widget might not fit in the navigation bar.

If you are not using deal-yyyy-mm-dd tags in your products, you should disable this feature. Leaving it enabled may cause a performance drop.

Add deal of the day tags to products ( deal-yyyy-mm-dd tag)

Add one or more products as the daily deal. You can schedule one or more deal per day for the whole month or even more! If you have multiple daily deals on the same day, only 1 product will be displayed in the Menu widget, though. 

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