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Shopify Konversion Theme - Header and Navigation

The header section runs across the top of your store containing your logo, navigation, search, account login and cart. This is a static section and cannot be repositioned.

To customize your header section you must go to: Online store > Themes > Customize theme > Tab "Sections" > Header

1. Logo

Your store’s logo provides branding for your site and a clickable link to return to the homepage. You can use text or an image as a logo for your Shop. Konversion theme will be using your Shop name as default.

Logo settings: "Theme Editor" > Tab "Sections" > Header > Section "Logo"

2. Navigation

Konversion theme supports standard navigation with up to two-levels deep and a Product Navigation ("Product menu")
Navigation settings: "Theme Editor" > Tab "Sections" > Header > Section "Main menu"

2.1. How to add links to your menu:

To add links to your menus, you must leave the theme editor and go to Online store > Navigation . You can edit the links in these menus by clicking Edit menu or create additional menus by clicking Add menu. For more information, follow Shopify's instructions on How To Create Drop-Down Menus
Navigation links: Online Store > Navigation

2.2. Menu type

Konversion theme has 2 types of navigation, text and product menus.

2.2.1. Text menu

2.2.2. Product menu

Product menu will only work with links of type Product

2.3. Menu Columns

You can add up to 7 columns to your menus

3. Account & Search

Costumers account might be disabled in your store. 

To enable it go to Settings > Checkout > Costumers account > choose one of the options

Learn more about Costumer Account

You can switch the position of the search button with the "Account" button

You can hide the Account icon

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