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Shopify Konversion Theme - Header and Topbar

The topbar section runs across the very top of your store containing your facebook buttons, announcements and links for your social pages. This is a static section and cannot be repositioned.

To customize your topbar section you must go to: Online store > Themes > Customize theme > Tab "Sections" > Topbar

1. General

1.1. Display

You can choose the screen size that you want to display the topbar... You have the options, only on Desktop devices, only on Mobile devices or on both Desktop & Mobile devices.

1.2. Social icons

You can choose to display the social icons or not.

To set up your social links you must go to "Theme Editor" > Tab "General settings" > Social Icons

2. Facebook buttons

2.1. Switch position 

You can switch the position of the facebook buttons with the social icons

2.2. Facebook page link

You must place your store facebook page link

2.3. Display Facebook Buttons

Use the check boxes to choose what social buttons you want to display

3. Announcement

You can announce discounts, promotions, what ever you want to announce.

4. Colors

You can change the colors of all elements in the bar 

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