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Shopify Konversion Theme - Homepage sections

Add a section

Go in Online Store > Theme > Customize theme. Then click on the Sections tab. Then click Add section and select the section that you want to add.
How to add a section on the homepage


You can add a slideshow with multiple slides and edit their style easily.

Trust Icons

You can use our default 4 icons our import yours. You can also invert colors in a single click.
Add trust icons or any badge that increase the willingness to buy

Featured product (single product)

Featured collection (products of a single collection)

Featured collections (multiple collections displayed)

Featured products (multiple products that you can add manually)

Logo list


Custom Content


*NEW* You can now add a map on your homepage.

Big full width map

You can add a map section to display a full width map.

Smaller map in a column

You can also an embed map inside the custom html block (useful to have a small map in a column).



The separator section is useful to divide two other distinct sections. 

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