Smart Deals for Shopify

Encapsulate the power of multiple offers in a single code

Flexible + Stacked Discounts in 1 coupon code = Smart Deals

Smart deals allow you to create multiple offers like discount + free shipping, tiered discounts, Buy X for $Y...
all that encapsulated in a single code.

smart deal carter app for shopify

Add a coupon field in cart

Single-click premade configurations available for over 50 popular themes.

smart deal carter app for shopify

Create a smart deal

For example, Buy X items for a fixed price + free shipping, within the same coupon code.

smart deal carter app for shopify

Share the code with customers

Customers crave for deals. Don't be greedy, share with them and let them claim the deal in cart.

Carter + Smart deals

Search for your theme and publish the configs to display Carter’s coupon field in your shopping cart. Then, create your first smart deal.

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Select a type of deal

Smart deals allow you to offer discount + free shipping, tiered discounts, Buy X for $Y and more, with a single coupon code.

Go on, try it.

We believe empowering customers to enter a coupon in cart was great. But now we're bringing it to the next level: empowering customers to use coupons that are not possible to achieve via Shopify discounts.

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smart deal carter app for shopify

Combine offers into one

Stack multiple deductions inside the same deal and generate a coupon code

Set a minimum requirement

Set a cart requirement to unlock the smart deal, based on the cart amount or the quantity of items.

Define who is eligible

Restrict a deal to specific customers only.

Limit the usage

Limit the number of times a deal can be claimed, per customer or in total.

Add free shipping

Combine any type of deal with free shipping.

Sit back, relax and enjoy

When you’re done creating the smart deal, make sure you test it in your store.
Then, sure, you can sit back and relax.

Create the promotion you want, as flexible and stacked as you want.

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