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Upsell customers after they click on Add to Cart in Shopify

Requires the Ultimate Upsell app

Upselling without theme file editing (no coding required)

Most Shopify merchants hate or are afraid to edit their theme files, scared to mess them up and break their online store. With Ultimate Upsell we came up with an alternative simple way to achieve upselling when the Add to Cart button is clicked.

How to make the Add to Cart button trigger the upsell

1) Make sure your Shopify theme has an option to use a drawer cart (ajax cart) instead of the default cart page. Usually, this option is located inside Online Store > Theme > Customize > Theme Settings > Cart. This location varies for each Shopify theme, though, and some themes don't have any drawer cart.

2) Build your upsell. Example on Youtube.

3) Set a cart rule to trigger the upsell if specific product(s) or variant(s) is present in the shopping cart.

4) Via the section called MANUAL SETUP, copy to clipboard the upsell snippet. You cna also define the upsell style. We recommend using the Popup style (or Notification), but not the Inside theme style for this use case, as we want to display the upsell to customers in a popup after they click on Add to cart.

5) Paste the upsell snippet in your product description. Make sure you paste it in "Html" mode (click top-right in the description editor)

You could also paste the upsell snippet in your product.liquid theme file or in the product-template.liquid file, that would work as well. But like stated at the top of this article, we wanted to avoid you the hassle of messing up with your theme files :D

6) Save changes & Test it.

7) You can also control the behavior of the upsell's Add to cart button inside the SETTINGS > ADD TO CART BEHAVIOR section of the Ultimate Upsell app. We recommend in this case to select the Add to cart and redirect to cart behavior.

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