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Shopify folks, let's put holiday sales on autopilot

Holiday sales are coming faster than you think When school begins, something changes. The smell. Once kids start their school year, it smells next holidays, already: Thanksgiving's turkey and Christmas' cookies. For every store owners,...

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FAQ - Automatic Discount

What can I do with this app? Q Can I automatically apply a discount specific to a product variant? A. With Shopify's new discounts, yes you can via the Discounts section. Q. Can I create...

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Shopify's conversion: Free app VS Paid app

Someone is asking on Quora: "Does anyone who's created a Shopify app have a conversion rate on how many people pay for their apps vs use it for free?" Shopify's conversion rate: free app VS...

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How to automatically apply a discount to a customer group in Shopify

This is possible using Milestones by Tabarnapp. Learn more...

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