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Some Q/A for the Thank You page upsell | Ultimate Upsell - Shopify app

Does your app support post-checkout upsells?

YES. Example:

If so, does your app also support post-checkout downsells?

You can create a Funnel on the thank you page location based on IF upsell A is not added to cart (or denied), display Upsell B. Example (not exactly similar but helps to understand what we mean by funnel):

If so, how are customers charged if there are 3 post checkout upsell pages in one sales path?  One for each offer they accept?

He could be charged for each upsell OR if you use a funnel, there is a setting to wait before the whole funnel (sequence of upsells) is finished, and then we bring back the customer to the Credit Card form (step 2 of checkout). We also have a setting to merge all orders into a single one if they are made within 10 minutes.

Can we use your app with a Recurring Subscriptions App? If so, which ones?

YES. Recharge. Learn more:

Would the upsells allow for more than one recurring subscription app per transaction?

Do you mean to have for example Bold recurring orders app and Recharge app (the answer is we support only Recharge)? Or you mean more than one recurring product per order (the answer is yes). 

Are there any known limitations in this integration?

It's a 1-click integration. Our app automatically detects that you have Recharge installed and you go to our app Settings and tick the checkbox to "Enable Recharge app...". There is no theme file to edit nor code to add.

Does your app process payments with Braintree or Payflow Pro in the post-checkout upsell? Our app uses the current payment gateway(s) of your Shopify store.

Does it support these same gateways when integrated with each recurring app identified above? It should. If not, contact Shopify :)

Is there flexibility to customize the display of the sales page?

Our app doesn't provide a sales page. We provide an automatic way to insert the upsell in product pages, collection pages, cart page via our Selector tool widget OR a manual way via a snippet (eg. <div...></div>) to insert the upsell anywhere (eg., but the manual way doesn't work on Thank you page location. It works anywhere else in your store (except Checkout and Thank you page).

Do you support product bundling?  For example, an upsell for more than 1 product per order, per page.


If so, does it require a unique SKU for every combination or can we use ajax to bundle? We have 3 types of upsells available:

  • 1) A la carte (product add-ons. Eg. Upselling straps on a watch product page)
  • 2) Bundle with discount (this creates a new product, because you can change its price)
  • 3) Bundle with original products (keep the original SKU of each product and doesn't create a new product).

Do you support variant selections? For example, we have a product with 6 possible flavors.  We would want to let the customer choose the flavors they’d want to order.

YES. Type #1 and #3 above would work. Type #2 also could work if, once the new product is created by your app, you go edit this product and add all variants (flavors), because when our app creates the new product bundle with discount, we don't create the variants because of the Shopify limitation of 100 variants.

Are sales tax applied to upsell products?  If so, how do we define taxes?  We need to accommodate nexus and growing.

YES, it respects the settings of your Shopify store.

Can we do pre-checkout upsell(s) on check out page?

No. You can upsell on the cart page, but not on the Checkout page. It's coming soon, though, for Shopify Plus. 

Can we add shipping costs to products offered on an upsell?

The shipping costs by default will be the same as your Shipping settings in your Shopify Store. Upsell type #1 and #3 take the exact same current products, so the same shipping costs will be applied. 

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