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Tiered pricing based on quantity for products of the same price

Requires Automatic Discount for Shopify

I have a Shopify store that sells posters. Every poster is $43. If a customer buys two or more posters within one order, each additional poster after the first is $25. So if someone buys three posters, that's one at $43 and two at $25. Can your app make that happen automatically on my store?

Option 1: using $ discounts

You need to make a coupon code of $18, $36, $54, $72, $90 etc...
Inside the discounts, select a $ discount on specific products (or collections) being your Posters. Also, make sure you tick the checkbox to "only apply once per order" and also make sure you set a minimum number of items or a minimum purchase amount. For example:

Automatic Discount Shopify - Tiered pricing based on quantity

Hi, I think you can achieve that with Tiered pricing based on the number of items. For example, from the biggest rule at top to the smallest at the bottom (btw the biggest in my example is "6", but it will be more than that for you if you want to make more tiers):

Automatic Discount Shopify - Tiered pricing based on quantity

Option 2: using Buy X Get Y discounts

Keep the same rules in Automatic Discount app. But change the discounts from $ discounts to Buy X Get Y discounts, For example:

The main flaw of the Option 2 is that Shopify doesn't allow to have a 41.86% discount, it only allows 41% or 42%, which means the discount value can't equal $18 (18/43 = 41.86%).

That's why in this specific case, Option 1 seems better.

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