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Top 5 Tips to Boost Sales

It is not enough for a growing business to be set up. There must be deliberate effort to ensure that people visit its website, and that the visitor traffic is converted to sales. Some steps to book sales for ecommerce development companies are listed below:

Know your target customers

When you know your target customers, you are able to appropriately direct advanced targeting options to the customers. Good targeted adverts shown to the right people increases your chances of sales. A target market can be defined by surveys,

Adverts should go to the right demographics. You should use relevant keywords also so that whenever a person searches, your website comes up. If you’re going to enable your adverts to show on any mobile devices, ensure that your website is optimized to work properly on mobile devices.

Strategic Marketing

Use paid traffic such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads and Instagram Ads to push traffic to your website. It is important to experiment to get optimal results, rather than run a single ad campaign, in order to monitor metrics and see which campaigns are providing the most results. As you see what campaigns that bring in the most traffic, then you can direct more money towards those campaigns.

Use e-mail marketing. You can create giveaways to attract customers who visit your website or see your adverts. They can have the giveaways (for example, an e-book0 delivered to their e-mail address. As more people sign up for the give-away, you are able to create a mailing list that can be periodically marketed, and you may not need to rely on paid traffic so much anymore.

Do not spend all your marketing efforts on getting new customers. You already have existing customers that must not be neglected, and should be re-marketed from time to time.


This is also known as remarketing, and is when your ads are shown to people who have already visited your site. Many ecommerce companies do this.

It is a way to reach people who have looked at a product but have not taken action on that page.

Make the User Experience Friendly

Take great pictures against a good background. Use a clutter-free background. Use natural or white lights.

Make your website as intuitive as possible. Keep the check-out process as short and as seamless as possible. If the delivery address is the same as the billing address, allow customers populate the field by a single click, rather than fill a separate section for delivery. Include a progress bar so users can see at what stage of check-out that they are. Amazon for example does this.

Visitors do not need to create an account with you before they can make a purchase with you – it simply makes the check-out process long, and increases drop-off rates. Allow users check out as guests, if they wish. A number of ecommerce companies do this, and are already seeing revenue grow.

Improve Trust

Include review from past customers. When a customer is purchasing a product online, they are not able to see it, so they sometimes rely on the comment from other customers. Give them the opportunity to see the comments. Testimonials are a social proof, and people will rely on what other people say or do to make decisions.

Install ‘Live Chat’ on your website. Questions can be quickly answered if the chat option is available, and there is a less chance of drop-off by the customer.

Use trust badges at the check-out page.

Clearly state the refund process for eligible transactions.

Implement upsells & cross-sells

You want customers who have bought standard products to buy a higher version of the product that they have purchased, therefor increasing your average order value.

You can do this by show-casing the next model up. Many hotels do this, for example offering you a discount to upgrade to a premium room after you have booked a standard room.

You can also implement cross-sells, showing customers products that complement the item that they have included in their cart, or purchased. Hotels also do this, offering a breakfast add-on if you have made a room-only booking. If the customer has purchased an oven, you can show the customer mittens and aprons. You can show them pads if the customer has purchased a gaming software. Cross selling can help increase sales of items as well as revenue. Thus, making your hotel business or an ecommerce development business a success.

Whatever tips you opt for, remember that it is essential that you know your customers well – what they want and how they want it – so that you can direct marketing efforts appropriately. Actively monitor your sales campaign to check the effectiveness, and know if to continue and how to tweak efforts to continue increase the sales ratios for your ecommerce development company.

Disclosure: this is a featured post from an ecommerce agency building Magento stores. It is not written by Tabarnapp.

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