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Ultimate Upsell Ideas

I stumbled upon this thread on Quora and Vitaliy gives a simple yet super effective way to get upsell ideas and to prioritize them. He said:

Make up a list of products you’d like to upsell and assign them a value. This should be based upon your product and your experience selling it. From there on, you can pair products together based on your margins and ultimately what your customers want.

![list of possible bundle, upsell, cross-sell](https://qph.ec.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-78d841d478ca718b539a7503b880546f?convert_to_webp=true)

We created our Ultimate Upsell Ideas Spreadsheet as a collaborative tool for upselling and cross-selling ideas.

👉Let's make this Spreadsheet greater together. Post your ideas!

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