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Ultimate Upsell Makeover - March 2019

What's new?

- Simpler admin interface

Ultimate Upsell admin UI

- New cart rule based on variants

cart rule with variants

- Option to ignore merged order from the Sales & Profits reports

ignore merged order from the Sales & Profits reports

By default, when customers accept the thank you page upsell, the main order and the upsell order are cancelled and merged into a single order shipped once. However, Shopify tracks all 3 orders as successfully paid separately. If you enable this option, only the main order and the upsell order will be tracked in the sales reports.

- Cart rules are now available for all locations

upsell cart rules available for all locations

That means you can display an upsell in a product page depending on what's in the cart already. Cart rules are also available if you use the Manual Setup and implement the upsell snippet directly in your theme files.

- Carousel layout (versus Grid layout)

Carousel layout upsell

- Upsell subscription vs one-time product (using Recharge)

Activating Recharge

upsell subscription product and one-time product

This will also works for the cart rules. For example, upselling the subscription if the one-time product is present inside the cart.

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