Ultimate Upsell for Shopify

Upsell & Cross-sell anywhere ➝ product page, cart page and thank you page
1-click setup in theme, popup or notification ➝ 0 coding skill needed

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The best Shopify Upsell App

This is the best Shopify Upsell App in the market today in my opinion, and I have tested quite a few. Super easy set up, great options for showing upsells, and more importantly - amazing support.


No coding is fantastic

This app is great. The fact that this works so well with no coding is fantastic. I tried a competitor and spent over an hour trying to change theme file code. Couple this with the great support and this is a must have app.


So many tools available

This app was recommended by a friend and I'm very impressed with all the tools available, the well thought admin page and the stellar support.

Choke Sport

Easy to use, easy to target.

Happy!!! That's my Review. I am getting consistent add to carts from the upsell. Easy to use, easy to target. Many Thanks!

Azure Turtle


They improved the product search a lot the day after I posted what's above. Pretty impressed by the attentiveness. Great app!


Upselling Is 10 times Easier Than Selling to New Customers

Wouldn’t we much rather buy from a company we already trust than one we’ve never done business with before?

ultimate upsell shopify

Don't focus all your efforts on getting new customers, when a bigger opportunity lies untouched in front of you:
making your existing customers happy and selling more to them.

ultimate upsell shopify app

Upsell Bundles

The Upsell Bundle is when customers can buy a bundle of 2 or 3 products together, at a discounted price. For example, customers buy a bundle that includes a computer, a battery and a stand, and they save 30% over purchasing these 3 items individually.

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Upsell A la Carte

The Upsell À la Carte is when customers buy one (or more) product(s) in addition to the main product, like if the customer was “pimping” the product with extra product(s) or extra features. The example of the watch where you can buy additional straps is a good one.

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ultimate upsell shopify app
ultimate upsell shopify app

Upsell in notification

The Upsell in Notification (or Notification Upsell) is a product upsell idea that pops to customers as a quick notification.

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Upsell in popup

The Upsell in Popup (or Popup Upsell) is a product (or more than one), that is displayed in a popup.

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ultimate upsell shopify
ultimate upsell shopify app

Upsell on Product page

Visitors that are on your product page reading your product description, looking at images and reviews, they can add the main product to cart AND a few extra features OR they can add a bundle of products to cart and save money.

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Upsell on Cart page

People who reach your cart page most likely have the credit card ready. So it's a lot easier to upsell them something relevant as it will benefit them. The point of purchase is the most common upsell point for a reason: it works.

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ultimate upsell shopify app
ultimate upsell shopify app

Upsell On Thank you page

Let customers complete the purchase of the first product and then offer them a few options, right after they checkout. No need to re-enter all shipping info and contact details!

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Make it easy for customers

Customer should be able to buy more in 1 click

Quality over quantity

Limit upsells to two or three upon checkout

Sell benefits, not features

Customers buy because it solves a problem

Damn easy to setup and start upselling

ultimate upsell shopify
What - Select product(s) to upsell
When -Select what triggers the upsell
Where - Select the location(s) of the upsell

Upsell just about anywhere, with zero coding skills

The most optimized locations to display upsells are on the product page, on the cart page and on the thank you page. But using our Selector toolbar, you can insert upsells anywhere on your store, on the fly!

ultimate upsell shopify app

Works perfectly on mobile

Most other apps struggle when it comes to make it mobile-friendly. We know that over 50% of your traffic comes from mobile devices, so we try to make it look flawless!

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Upsell Shopify on Mobile

Display upsells based on what's in the cart or the product page visited

ultimate upsell shopify
If cart does/doesn't contain this and/or that product or collection
If customers visit this product page

Simple dashboard to track your upsells and their performance

ultimate upsell shopify app

See which upsells work best and fine-tune your upselling strategy with data.

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Countless opportunities to sell more products to each customer


Sell another product to your customers as their credit card is out of the wallet.


Offer your customers a related product after their initial purchase.


A downgraded and cheaper product that is easier to say “yes” to buying.


Multiple products that are relevant to offer in bundle/package at a special price.

Gateway product

Offer a free trial, a short period of use or a webinar about how to use your product.

Impulsive Buy

Products people buy without thinking because they’re inexpensive and have high value.

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Quick demo of the Ultimate Upsell app

Take a look at how you can boost your sales in the simplest manner possible: suggesting relevant products to customers to complete their purchase.

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  • All features included
  • Except Funnels and Scarcity ($9/mo)
  • All features included
  • Except Funnels and Scarcity ($9/mo)
  • All features included
  • Except Funnels and Scarcity ($9/mo)

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