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Ultimate Upsell - Use Cases

Here are a few examples of the magic you can achieve with the Ultimate Upsell app:

Upsell add-ons À la Carte → Click to learn how

### Upsell a product bundle → [Click to learn how](https://tabarnapp.com/upsell-bundles-on-shopify/)

Upsell products À la carte AND in bundle
Click to learn how

Upsell 3 items in bundle for a reduced price

Upsell À la carte after payment

Upsell on the product page

Upsell on the cart page

Upselling on the Thank you page. ★More options coming soon★

Upsell a bigger, better product

Cross-selling ideas and how to do them

Upsell VS Cross-sell

Down-sell on the product page.

★More options coming soon★

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