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Upsell A la Carte on Shopify

If you were buying TV channels, an a la carte solution would permit you to choose and pay for each of the channels you want, whereas a bundle would give you a single price for a collection of channels. These are the two ways in which a customer purchases: as a packaged bundle, or A la carte.

Bundle or A la carte Tv channels

This example might look irrelevant for you, since you're not selling TV channels. But no matter what products you sell, the logic is the same when it comes to selling, and upselling.

Upsell A la carte

While A la carte seems like a headache for the TV channels example, it's a marvelous way to upsell customers.

Most often, we see A la carte offers to sell accessories to go with the main product. Like more straps for a watch, a better battery for a computer or a warranty for any product.

It's similar to letting customers build their own product bundle

Buy a 👕 with your 👖

Let's take the example of upselling a product worth 25% or less the value of the main product, which is an excellent strategy to increase conversion rate. The example would be to upsell A la Carte a white t-shirt and a black t-shirt 👕 to a pair of jeans 👖.

1. 👉 Install the Ultimate Upsell app.

2. Create a new upsell.

create new upsell

3. Choose to upsell products individually in the Upsell type (A la carte).
A la carte upsell shopify

4. What → Select the products to upsell. You can select a product or a variant only. For example, instead of upselling all colors of a t-shirt, you could upsell only in black and/or in white.

5. When → Select when to trigger the upsell on the Jeans product page OR when the Jeans product is in the shopping cart.

6. Where → Select the location of the upsell: in theme, notification or popup. I choose to cross-sell on the product page and inside the cart page.

You can preview different locations. Once you're satisfied, click Save and close the window.

A la Carte t-shirts on the Jeans product page

A la Carte t-shirts on the Cart page

7. You can add a title to the upsell offer like "Complete the look!". Then Select "Published" in the dropdown menu and click the Checkmark icon to Save the Upsell.

8. Sit back, relax and check your numbers grow!

That's it.

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