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Upsell Bundles with products with their own SKUs and give an automatic discount when added to cart

Vapor Monster is doing a promo to prompt users to buy the Bundle instead of one individual product. Here's what this business want to achieve:

1. Create a bundle where items keep their own SKU

2. Discount this bundle without creating any extra product variant that messes inventory and fulfillment system.

Here's how they achieved it using the Ultimate Upsell app combined with the Automatic Discount app.

1. They installed the Ultimate Upsell app and created their product bundle

2. They added 2 products inside the bundle. They want to give 10% off one of the product. So they created a product specific discount inside Shopify's Discounts section.

3. They installed the Automatic Discount app and created a discount rule.

3.1. The discount rule is "if 2 or more different items are in the cart".

4. They added an additional restriction to ONLY TRIGGER the discount if the 2 products from the bundle are inside the cart.

4.1. They made sure that these 2 products have a unique Product Type that no other products have. This way, only these 2 products with these product types can trigger the application of the automatic discount.

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