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Upsell customers right after add-to-cart click

👉 Requires Ultimate Upsell & Cross-Sell for Shopify

Instead of showing the upsell on product page load, you can now show it right after customers click on Add-to-Cart.

Where & How to set it up

The option is available for the Product page upsell location. After selecting a product, you will see a dropdown with the default option selected being "On page load". Click on this dropdown and select "On add to cart click".

Then, you need to input the CSS Selector of your product pages' Add to cart buttons. This might require some coding knowledge. Learn more about the Add-to-cart button selector here.

setup add to cart click upsell

How it looks in store

Upsell on add to cart click

Of course you can make it look nicer, with nicer colors, a title, description or any html snippet in the upsell popup.

Replace main item with the upsell

When customers click Add-to-Cart on the product page (main item), it shows the upsell. By default, both the main item and the upsell will be added to cart. If you would like the upsell to replace the main item to cart (for example the main item being a 50" TV and the upsell being a 60" TV replacing the 50" TV), you can do that using the Replace items with upsell section.

Replace main item with the upsell on add to cart

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