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Upsell on Thank You page

With Ultimate Upsell, you can upsell customers on the Thank You page, also known as the Order status page. You can upsell directly inside the store theme, in a popup or via a notification.

Before going any further, do this

To have all the functionality on the thank you page you first need to:

  1. Go in Settings → Checkout → Additional Scripts. Learn how.
  2. Paste this script in the Additional scripts box:
    <script>window.orderItems = {{ order.line_items | json }};</script>

## Create your upsell (À la carte or Bundle)

1. 👉 Install the Ultimate Upsell app.

2. Create an upsell, most probably an À la carte one (easier to sell À la carte than a bundle after payment).

create new upsell

3. Choose to upsell products individually in the Upsell type (A la Carte).
A la carte upsell shopify

4. What → Select the products to upsell. Now it's the biker cap.

5. Where → Select the location of the upsell: in theme, notification or popup. Click the SETUP link.

You can preview different locations. Once you're satisfied, click Save and close the window.


6. You can add a title to the upsell offer like "Only 1 cap left!". Then Select "Published" in the dropdown menu and click the Checkmark icon to Save the Upsell.

7. Sit back, relax and check your numbers grow!

Upsell in your theme

Automatically insert upsells in the Thank you page (Order status)

You can automatically insert the products to upsell in your store theme with our Selector toolbar. Here are a few locations you can upsell products in your Thank You page.

Below the logo or store name

Ultimate Upsell Thank you page Shopify app

### Inside the order confirmation box ![Ultimate Upsell Thank you page Shopify app](/content/images/2017/01/61e5cd5a9e5bdc2c0e560bf20286632f.gif)
### Below the customer information box ![Ultimate Upsell Thank you page Shopify app](/content/images/2017/01/0ec2bd95f5dfa7457e558caf9a49dd04.gif)
### Below the shipping address or the payment method ![Ultimate Upsell Thank you page Shopify app](/content/images/2017/01/9f6d9e2b469f15589cb88352984c931e.gif)
### At the bottom of the Thank You page ![Ultimate Upsell Thank you page Shopify app](/content/images/2017/01/b3c4fad4a6b4950cd18895b2f35fa911.gif)
### At right below the order summary and total cost ![Ultimate Upsell Thank you page Shopify app](/content/images/2017/01/07895e2701d45da30889970c9d023485.gif)

Since the Selector toolbar can't be perfect, you can always go with the manual way, described below.

Manually insert upsells in the Product page

Since the Selector toolbar has its limit, we also provide a snippet of code you can insert. Each snippet has a class called tabarnapp_upsell, which mean you can style it with CSS in your style.scss file. You'll then be able to change the size, color, font and more!

To insert the upsell in the Thank You page manually, you'll have to upgrade to Shopify Plus. That's the only way to have access and edit the file called checkout.liquid. Here's the documentation related to the checkout.liquid template.

So, if you are a Shopify Plus use, you can add the upsell code manually in the Thank You page. Simply paste in checkout.liquid your snippet of code that you can find inside the main admin page of the Ultimate Upsell app. That looks like this:
<div class="tabarnapp_upsell" data-id="bYjtPo2LFfrBx8qPE"></div>
(note: the data-id changes for each store, but not the class).

Upsell in a popup

Still on the Thank You page, you can upsell customers with products showing up in a popup (modal window). You can choose from 4 different types of popup animations.

Ultimate Upsell Thank you page Shopify app

Upsell in a notification

You can also suggest upsells via notification. It's similar to a popup, yet less intrusive. You can choose from 5 different styles of notification.

Ultimate Upsell Thank you page Shopify app

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