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Upsell subscription-based products with Recharge and Ultimate Upsell

Official integration with Recharge

Ultimate Upsell now integrates with Recharge to allow subscription-based upsells.

1. Make sure you have a subscription-based product (ruleset) in Recharge

You will need to enter the Recharge app located at [yourstore.com]/admin/apps/shopify-recurring-payments/

These are the products that you want inside the recurring upsell. Could be subscription only products or one time & subscription products.

2. 👉 Install the Ultimate Upsell app

(and the Recharge app, if you don't already have it, of course)

3. Inside the Ultimate Upsell app, go to General Settings and enable the Recharge integration at the bottom.

Ultimate Upsell Recharge

Upselling before payment

4. Create a new upsell and select the location of the upsell

4.1 Eg. In the product page

4.2 Eg. In the cart page (with/without some cart rules)

5. Add a title to the upsell and some other settings (optional). Then publish it.

6. You can also edit more settings (text, colors, etc) in the General Settings section

Settings Upsell colors texts

7. Browse your store and the upsell(s) should be there!

The products ordered within the upsell will be recurring, with the same frequency as you set up in the Recharge app.

Upselling after payment (Thank you page upsell)

You can upsell one-time products on the Thank you page of Recharge, after the purchase & payment of the subscription-based product.

Inside Recharge, go to Integrations and search for "Ultimate Upsell" and click the "Get App" button.

This will add the scripts required by Recharge in:
Checkout > Thank You Page > Additional & scripts and trackers. If it doesn't add it automatically, please paste it manually:

<script src="https://cdn.tabarn.app/cdn/ultimate-upsells/selectorTool.min.js"></script>
<script>window.orderItems = {{line_items | tojson}}</script>

Note: we allow upselling one-time products on the thank you page of Recharge. We don't support upselling a subscription-based product on the thank you page of Recharge, for now.


Need more?

Insert the upsell anywhere in your theme or on any page/post

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