Warden App for Shopify

Turn exits into sales - 50% off until Oct. 15th

Everyone installing the app before 10/15/2018 will pay half of the usual monthly pricing, as long as they keep the app installed.

Grab customers’ attention

Run one or more animated tab titles and exit discount popups.

Reward exit intents

Automatically reward customers with a discount when they agree to stay.

↓Bounce rate ↓Abandoned Carts

Display offers as customers leave, close/switch tab or abandon their cart.

Exit Discount Popup

Display a popup with a discount to customers as they are about to leave your Shopify store.


Animate browser titles

Show your promotion messages inside animated browser tab titles if the tab is active or not.


A Quick Look at the Warden App

  • Warden app exit discount
  • Warden app animated tab title
  • Warden app main admin screen
  • Warden app animated tab title admin screen
  • Warden app exit discount popup admin screen

Turn a visitor leaving in a customer paying

Imagine your store as a beautiful prison where customers are locked down and keep buying your products over and over. Warden is born to ensure customers don’t leave your store empty handed. The app offers a suite of tools to catch visitors’ attention and make them buy before they go visit your competitor’s store. More than half or your traffic will spend only a few seconds on your Shopify store and then they will leave. Forever. Warden’s purpose is to convert the visitors into customers, as they leave your store.

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A quick glance at Warden's key features

Grab customers’ attention

Run one or more animated tab titles and exit discount popups

Reward exit intents

Reward customers automatically with a discount when they agree to shop a bit longer.

Drop bounce rates

Give a coupon to customers as they intent to leave, close tab, switch tab or come back to your store’s tab.

Fight cart abandonment

Display an offer to convince customers not to abandon their shopping cart

Mobile friendly

Works perfectly on mobile, on any device.

Translation friendly

All customer-side texts displayed in your store are editable.

Style friendly

Editable style with color pickers, custom favicon and more.

Exit offers

Enable exit discount popups to display an offer as customers is leaving.

Animated tab titles

Enable animated tab titles if the browser tab is active or inactive.

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