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Woocommerce VS Shopify summarized by an Acrostic

Once a day, we are asked about the difference between WooCommerce and Shopify. Because it's Friday and we're bored of long, exhaustive lists of Pros and Cons, we decided to go with a simple Acrostic. Not everyone understands technical differences, features and boring stuff like that. But everyone understands an Acrostic.

Wordpress is hackers paradise

Ommitted to do the updates

Ok I got hacked

Conflicts arise between plugins

Oh please

Managing all this mess is a pain

Missing support

Explain IT/Server stuff to me I need to fix asap

Repeat please

Cheap they said, yeah right

Exit please


Super easy to setup

Holly crap it's fast

Oh they have free SSL, CDN, 24/7 support...

Pricing is only $29/mo for all that?

I can sleep at night



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