10 Giveaway Ideas for Businesses on Shopify


Giveaways can be one of the most effective promotional strategies for online stores. This marketing technique has around a 34% conversion rate, which is more than twice the rate for conventional email marketing campaigns.

Shopify store owners should consider 10 of the best giveaway ideas for businesses and use a code-free application to automatically manage discounts and gifts.

The Best Giveaway Ideas for Businesses

Giveaway Ideas for Businesses on Shopify

The most effective giveaways appeal to your target audience and increase the visibility of your online store and products. You should clearly define a goal for each promotion and identify key performance indicators to measure the performance of giveaways.

Any of the following giveaway ideas can build leads and introduce more prospective customers into your store’s sales funnel. Some approaches to giveaways, such as offering free products with purchases, lead directly to sales. Here are the top 10 promotional giveaway ideas for Shopify stores.

1. Plan a Seasonal Shopify Giveaway

Seasonal giveaways and holiday or event-based promotions offer regular opportunities for giveaways. Occasions that involve gift-giving can increase the number of prospective customers interested in giveaways.

A seasonal or occasion-based giveaway provides a clear promotional timeline. Make sure that the theme and prize resonate with your target audience. You can post images or videos of the prize in packaging or a setting that matches the theme of the giveaway on your store website or social media accounts.

2. Host a Competition With Prizes 

One of the best ways to promote customer engagement is to host a competition with prizes. Whether you need to create a logo or name a product or want to increase the virality of a promotion, this can be one of the best giveaway ideas for businesses.

Ask customers to post logo designs, product names, testimonials, photos, or videos that feature products. Competitions can increase comments and lead to tagged posts featuring your store and products that extend the reach of promotions.

3. Promote a New Product Launch

The launch of a new product is one of the best times to offer a giveaway. New offerings make for enticing prizes and giveaways can increase the buzz surrounding releases. 

Start by deciding on the requirements to enter a giveaway. Consider posting an email list signup on your Shopify storefront or encouraging activities on social media that reinforce your digital marketing goals.

4. Offer a Giveaway for Referrals

Current marketing statistics indicate that 83% of customers are willing to refer to products and services. Using the best giveaway ideas for businesses can make customers even more likely to make referrals.

A Shopify seller can pursue referral-based promotional giveaway ideas on their storefront or social media accounts. You can build a referral program and offer unique codes or links to influencers or brand partners or simply include a referral field in the checkout process.

5. Try a Co-Promotional Giveaway

A collaboration with automatic discounts can boost sales for your Shopify store. Consider cross-promoting with another seller of related products that is not a competitor. You can also partner with an influencer whose audience overlaps with your target market.

Giveaways that include products from more than one store extend the reach of promotions to the customer bases or followings of both stores. These promotions can also build relationships between sellers and customers.

6. Gamify a Giveaway

Shopify store owners can turn promotions into games for prospective customers or social media followers. Consider giveaway ideas for businesses that incentivize making purchases or fun ways to inform shoppers about products.

Promotional games can range from a spin-to-win wheel with rewards to more involved experiences. The ready-to-go reward picker in the ADG app is one of the easiest ways to implement rule-based promotions and deals tailored to customers. 

7. Set Up a Survey Giveaway

An informal survey that registers respondents for a chance to win a giveaway can provide useful information to store owners and increase interest among participants. All you need to do is come up with questions that align with your current goals, design a survey, and request email addresses to grow your mailing list.

Consider asking about the types of products respondents would like to see in stock or their perceptions of your store. You can also gain valuable information for future promotions by inquiring about whether respondents are shopping for themselves or for gifts.

8. Celebrate Store Milestones With Giveaways

A giveaway can be a great way to commemorate milestones for your store. Consider how long you have been in business or track sales of individual products to identify benchmarks to use as occasions for giveaways.

There are several approaches to milestone giveaway ideas for businesses. You might give a free product to the customer who makes the 100th or 1,000th purchase or offer free gifts with purchases made on the anniversary of launching your store.

9. Include a Free Gift With Purchases

Many giveaways do not require purchases. While these promotions can increase the visibility of your store, these giveaways do not directly boost sales.

Including a free gift with purchases of certain products or order totals creates an incentive for customers to place orders. This promotion can introduce current customers to new product offerings or different products that can lead to future sales.

10. Combine the Best Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Store owners can try a single Shopify giveaway idea or combine giveaway ideas for businesses to develop more effective promotions. A seasonal or holiday competition or game, a competition for referrals or gifts to commemorate a new product launch can stimulate interest and engagement.

No matter which approach you take to giveaway promotions, participation should be simple and straightforward for followers and customers. We make it easy for Shopify sellers to offer BOGO deals, free gifts, member discounts, and rule-based promotions through the ADG app.

How To Use Giveaway Ideas for Businesses on Shopify

These 10 giveaway ideas for businesses can promote your online store, increase conversions, and drive sales. Contact us to find out how to use the ADG app to conduct giveaway promotions on Shopify.

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Don’t leave dollars on the table—ADG helps you add thousands in sales every day
4.6 star with 200+ shopify reviews
Don’t leave dollars on the table—ADG helps you add thousands in sales every day
4.6 star with 200+ shopify reviews