5 Exciting Gift-With-Purchase Ideas To Promote Sales


One of the best ways to increase sales on your Shopify store is to offer gifts with purchases. This type of promotion can satisfy customers more than discounts and maintain the perceived value of your products. Discover five of the best gift-with-purchase ideas for raising your online store’s conversion and customer retention rates.

The Top 5 Gift-With-Purchase Ideas

gift-with-purchase ideas

The most effective ideas for pairing gifts with purchases fit the brand and budget of your Shopify storefront. Gift-with-purchase offers can encourage shoppers to spend more to qualify for certain gifts, increase interest in mystery gifts, or be a pleasant surprise. Survey findings indicate that nearly 90% of recipients of free gifts from e-commerce retailers are more likely to buy from the same sellers again.

Consider the impression that gifts will give customers about your store and select items that could lead to future conversions. From free gift-with-purchase ideas related to the products a customer buys, seasonal items, branded merchandise, product samples, or promotions that let customers choose gifts, here are five exciting ways to drive sales by giving gifts with purchases.

1. Apply Cross-Selling Principles to Gifts

Customers are likely to appreciate gifts related to the products they buy. For instance, a shoe seller could offer a pair of socks as a free gift. A seller of personal care products might include a sample size of a similar item as a gift. If a customer purchases a facial cleanser, the seller could include a moisturizer. Cross-selling principles can help you choose the most relevant gifts for any product category.

2. Give Away Seasonal Merchandise

Seasonal products have a time limit for consumer interest. Some of the best giveaway ideas include small, low-cost items associated with particular times of year. This could include handwarmers from a sporting goods store. When considering gift-with-purchase ideas, you should always factor in the size and weight of items to ensure that free gifts will not impact shipping rates.

3. Gift Branded Merchandise With Purchases 

Investing in swag for your online store can pay off when giving gifts with purchases. Some of the best free gift-with-purchase examples include branded stickers, t-shirts, or tote bags. By spending a little upfront, you can increase the likelihood of repeat purchases and boost your store’s visibility with low-cost advertising.

4. Offer Samples As Gifts

free gift with purchase ideas

Sample sizes of products are one of the best free gift-with-purchase ideas. These small items should not increase shipping costs. They can be a cost-effective way to introduce existing customers to different product offerings or encourage shoppers to share their favorite products.

5. Let Customers Choose From Several Gifts

Many customers appreciate having a choice of gifts. The Automatic Discounts & Gifts (ADG) app makes it easy to run gift-with-purchase promotions. You can use our ready-to-go reward selector to let customers pick a free gift with purchase.

How To Use Gift-With-Purchase Ideas

Installing the ADG app on your Shopify store is the easiest way to offer free gifts with purchases. Setting up a free gift promotion on the Shopify backend can be more complicated, and customers must manually add gifts to carts before checkout. The ADG app helps sellers manage and maximize the value of gift-with-purchase ideas.

Contact us to find out how ADG makes it easy to promote sales by offering discounts and gifts on your online store.

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Don’t leave dollars on the table—ADG helps you add thousands in sales every day
4.6 star with 200+ shopify reviews
Don’t leave dollars on the table—ADG helps you add thousands in sales every day
4.6 star with 200+ shopify reviews